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Booklet Request Form

The Cork Branch is delighted to provide test booklets for Cork members for use in their schools. We have the following tests available:

First Name

Last Name


Please read Notes and Conditions carefully before submitting form. 


Notes for completing form:

Address 1

Address 2

In the Comments section, please include the name of your school and the dates you would like to borrow the booklets. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. 



Maintaining the good condition of the test booklets will be your responsibility while in your possession. Any damaged booklets will have to be replaced at your own cost at the end of the borrowing period. Booklets must be collected and returned to our storage facility by the guidance counsellor who is borrowing them; further details provided when request is processed.

DAT (70 booklets)

CAT4 Level G (90 booklets)

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